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With NeoTrader Software!
Get ready-made trades, pre processed analysis from multiple indicators , scoring and ranking on stocks and indices.
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Options Trading
with NeoTrader
NeoTrader equips you with the right tools and analysis needed to elevate your options trading experience. If you're looking to leverage stock option contracts that offer the right to buy or sell assets at a set price at the right time, NeoTrader is your essential partner.
Our Performance: Options Trades
Accuracy Rate: Around 65%
NeoTrader Options Trading Features

Simplified Option Trades

No need to analyze complex option

Precise Trade Suggestions

Trade suggestions with strike

Minimize Time decay

Less holding period to avoid the effects of theta decay

Trade Alert

Precise alerts signalling only the Long trades. Users have the flexibility to choose a higher or lower strike based on their preferences.

Trade Status

Realtime indicators showcasing various trade statuses, such as T1, T2, SL, Exit, etc., alert users with managing risks.

Chart Analysis

An integrated charting facility is available within NeoTrader software, enabling the users to use option analysis data.

Instant Trade Execution

Precise entry, targets, & stop-loss points via NeoTrader, enabling one click execution on connected broker’s account.

Rolling Ticker Notification

Comprehensive presentation of updated stocks, reducing additional effort to browse through individual pages.

Guiding Steps

A dedicated "How to Use" section guiding users on utilising the NeoTrader software, offering step-by-step assistance for traders.

Why NeoTrader
Money Earned
Streamlined data, signals, indicators, & expert alerts boost your trading success.
Effort Reduced
NeoTrader’s API enables seamless trade execution without any extra effort.
Time Saved
Readymade dashboard & heatmap provide a daily market view, thus saving time.
Hear From Our Options Traders
01 what types of options trades can i expect?
you will get ready made stock options trades as well index options trades.
02 will i get trades of call and put both?
you will get option buying trades both on the call side and put side.
03 how will i know in which strike price to trade in?
neo trader provides you all the elements of the trade whether be it strike price, expiry, entry, target or stop loss.
04 what is the holding period of options trade?
you can hold it for max 3 trading sessions.
05 will i get options selling trades or buying trades?
neo trader will give trades of option buying.
Unlock your Trading
Potential with NeoTrader!
Get ready-made trades, pre processed analysis from multiple indicators , scoring and ranking on stocks and indices.
Ab Smart Trading Hoga Easy!